Panarea Real Estate Agency

Services in marketing and selling residential projects as well as the relocation of corporate executives and professional athletes.


Change can be overwhelming. Panarea’s team of expert brokers puts their clients at ease by knowing their market and being able to guide them through a step-by-tep process to find the right home in the right neighbourhood. Clients benefit from team of experts who can serve them in several different languages. Our brokers are elegant, sincere and contractually bound to uphold our clients right to privacy.

In any relocation, knowing the neighbourhood is right for you is important, this is why Panarea brokers will have information on the local schools, daycares, grocery stores, medical clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, restaurants, salons and boutiques.

Corporate executives

Corporate relocation needs are met by from Annie Cardinal’s and her team using a “made-for-you” service of professionals working with professionals and their families. Panarea’s service is elegant, friendly but above all, efficient. They understand that your time is valuable and so no time is wasted.

Professional athletes

PANAREA knows first hand what proffessional athletes need when relocating to a new city. The team collaborates with professional athlete agents and the whole family to execute the move in a timely fashion and within budget. Be it a rental or a purchase Panarea’s team of experts will find the right fit for you.